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how does it work?

Step 1.png

Step 1:
Select subject

You send us the photo of the subject you would like painted, along with up to 3 additional reference images or a description of your illustration needs.

Step 2.png

Step 2:
We Send
You a Quote

We send you a final quote for your piece so you know the cost before you pay! You will also get an expected timeline. Please allow a minimum of three weeks per painting.

Step 3.png

Our artists want to hear from you! Take part in two rounds of feedback to view the art and request any changes.

Step 3:
collaborate with us

Dogo Portrait

Step 4:

We email you the finished digital art to download and enjoy! Holy Moly also offers the option to order high-quality physical prints and stickers of your unique art!

Comic Pages

Bringing a story to life comes with challenges but thankfully you don't have to tackle the creative process alone! Holy Moly can help with every step from storyboarding to full panel illustration. Our interactive writer-focused approach can turn your stories and ideas into fully illustrated comics and webtoons! 


We work with writers, filmmakers, and D&D players to unleash creative designs for heroes, villains, and everything in between! We love hearing your ideas and strive to get every detail just right! You can rely on our artists for creative input and expertise as your ideas come to life!


Commission a truly unique work of art for any occasion! We create art pieces that perfectly celebrate the wonderful people, pets, and moments in your life, including:

  • Pet portraits

  • Family portraits

  • Celebration of Life portraits

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